I’m a Little Crazy.

Have you had a time where you get the news that you MAY be traveling to a place and you get so excited that you are already planning what you’re going to pack and how you’re going to pack? And you take out your luggage bag and your clothes for that estimated weather and you start seeing what you have, then you go onto Polyvore and match them together to see what they would look like?

I’m having that moment!

The word got out that I may be going to this certain country around August last year. I got pretty excited but I didn’t know if the trip was going to be confirmed. They said that by early 2014 we would find out for sure.

Currently the news is that it may be in either March or early April.

Again, not confirmed! I’m already so anxious to know! I won’t say where just yet, so my hopes won’t get up too far! But I AM keeping ALL FINGERS CROSSED! And, it’s a trip worth skipping Bali for, IF they clash! Hoping they don’t too!

Stay tuned!