Travel: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Malaysia is my home.

The simplicity, the warmth of the people and of course, the scorching heat! We go around day by day our daily lives that somethings are just left unseen. There is so much that Kuala Lumpur has to offer but we tend to take for granted off. Many tourists come to Kuala Lumpur and see what beauty it has to offer but when we are told how lovely Kuala Lumpur is, we scoff and brush it off saying, “Really?”

I have been making trips to the heart of Kuala Lumpur everyday for the entire week for work and I start to realize that our city is pretty cool after all. First there’s the SMART Tunnel that we travel in day in and day out because we “have” to but just the other day traveling through it, I realized “Wow, there was actually a dual purpose of the tunnel!” See we often complain when it rains heavily and the tunnel is closed causing a super traffic jam but we forget that the tunnel was actually made for the rain drainage that’s why it’s closed off!

Back to what I was supposed to focus on.

I am doing some research for a trip I’m making in April and boy, am I grateful that I like in Kuala Lumpur. We really get the best of both worlds. We have the cheap, the mid-range and the high-street. Food is can range from a hawker stall by the road to an extravagant fine dining experience in the heart of town.

I want to take on a small challenge on what would I do with MYR50 (according to it’s equivalent to US$15.25, GBP 9.17) in a day, from the things I eat to what you can do for free from a locals point of view. Of course, prices from where I live would be slightly different from the places where tourist go but everywhere is almost accessible.

I might even be surprised with the results.

Stay tuned to see how it goes!



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