The New Adventure

I have always known that I wanted to travel. To places both near and far, to everywhere and anywhere possible if I can. The adventure always seemed exhilarating to me. I’ve had this traveling dream since I was a school girl and I always knew that I’d travel one day given the opportunity. I always watched travel programs on the television, hoping that someday I could be sent away to God knows where and document my trips for people to watch the adventurous trips I make. But alas, that didn’t happen. Instead I have opened my traveling opportunity on my own. Grown enough, wise enough and able to fund my own trips to anywhere I want to go to.

Today as I make a purchase of a flight to a beautiful location, I realize I find myself searching for traveling outfit ideas, what are the essential items to bring with me, what types of clothing I should wear on the trips to a cold place or a warm place, how to pack light for the trip and so on but somehow I don’t get as much information from the sites that I visit, that I would love to get.

See, I live in Malaysia, tropical land, always sunny, occasionally rainy; we don’t have cold days or snow days (those that we can only wish for). Living in Kuala Lumpur, we can always take a 45 minute drive to Genting Highlands, in between states, where our city of entertainment lies. There we get breezy cool weather just enough to feel like you’re in an air conditioned room. So in that situation, we don’t necessarily need a jacket. We go as we are; in our shorts and t-shirts, and a jacket lugged at the arm, just in case. That is the closest to a cool weather as we can get, that is 22⁰C, at Genting Highland’s best.

I already have a few potential ‘cold weather countries’ planned out for 2014 but I have close to ZERO knowledge on what I should wear. I know a lot of people tend to over pack because they’re afraid they get cold. I know a cousin of mine who carries the largest of luggage bags to her destinations and I personally find it miserable to be lugging around a huge bag on the trip. I did once followed her advise when I made a trip to Japan in 2012, boy was it so tiring and a bit embarrassing I might add. We rolled the bags from Osaka to Tokyo and back to Osaka, came back and was already sick of the sound of roller bags. Extremely funny!

My last few trips I decided to use only a carry on. It was the most pleasant of trips, not worrying about heavy bags, moving around lightly, that was the best feeling! So I crack my head trying to figure out how to carry on, on my trip to colder regions. I’m doing my research but I can’t find much, so I decided to document my own experience. I’ll also tell you if it works when I get back from that trip.





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